Competition Rules and Code of Conduct

This page contains important information you need to read and understand before attending your National Qualifying heat. If you have any questions please contact

As the Competition Organising Partner, NET is responsible for you having a safe and enjoyable competition experience. For the duration of the competition, competitors will be observed against the expected standards, practices and behaviours as set out in the SkillELECTRIC competition rules, code of conduct and WorldSkills UK competition rules. We expect all competitors to use this as a guide for how to best behave during the competition at all times.

Please remember there may be a number of industry representatives attending your competition and it would be in your best interest to positively represent yourself and your organisation at all times. For competitors who choose to behave outside of the guidance provided, NET cannot be accountable for your actions and this may result in disqualification of your place in the competition.

Code of Conduct

  1. Exemplary and professional conduct at all times, this includes work practices, communication with judges, the competition organisers and other competitors.
  2. Personal appearance and conduct are as equally as important during competition time as they are when not at the competition venue. The competition organisers expect all participants of skills competitions to behave in accordance with point 1 at all times.
  3. The design and specification of all competition tasks are the property of the competition organisers and unauthorised copy or use is not permitted unless agreed in advance by the competition management team.
  4. The competition organisers and its sponsors/supporters reserve the right to prohibit unauthorised use of promotional material or clothing within the competition area.

Competition Rules

  1. Competitors are expected to arrive in time on competition day in line with the schedule provided. Late arrivals may be excluded from the competition and may not receive additional time.
  2. Competitors are liable for any damages or breakages that may occur during the competition if any equipment is not used in the correct manner.
  3. The misuse of alcohol and or taking of non-prescribed drugs are not allowed at any time during a competition event. Any competitor who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be expelled from the competition (this includes the evenings of the competition days).
  4. Please note, in line with the law we prohibit any buying or consumption of alcohol by those under 18 years old.
  5. Sickness or any accidents should be reported as soon as possible to the competition organiser or judges.
  6. Should a competitor feel at a disadvantage for any reason before or during the competition, he or she should bring it to the competition organiser or judges’ attention immediately.
  7. Competitors shall observe all health and safety rules and requirements. In the event of a fire drill, competitors should follow the appropriate emergency evacuation procedures of the competition and accommodation venues.
  8. Competitors are responsible for bringing and wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the competition venue and must wear PPE where required at all times when in competition.
  9. Competitors must cover their own travel expenses to and from the competition.
  10. Smoking is not permitted within the competition area/building.
  11. Mobile telephones or cameras should not be used during the competition in the competition area.
  12. Competitors may only leave the competition area for designated meal breaks/rest breaks, any person wishing to leave the stand at any other time should obtain permission from the competition organisers or judges.
  13. Meal and rest breaks must be taken away from the competition area. It is within your best interest not to discuss your work with other competitors or tutors as this may be perceived as gaining an unfair advantage in the competition.
  14. Drawings and test information shall not be removed from the competition area unless authorised by the competition organiser or judges.
  15. Competitors are prohibited from using pre-drawn plans/templates/photos within the competition area.
  16. It is not permitted to borrow tools or test equipment from other competitors, unless authorised by the competition organiser or judges.
  17. Before a competitor undertakes any part of the project that will carry separate marks i.e. electrical testing, the competitor must ensure that this work is witnessed by one of the judges.
  18. All working areas must be left clean and tidy at the end of each day the competition.
  19. Competitors should not get into conversation with members of the public or persons not involved with the competition, this includes supporting families and college tutors, unless authorised by the competition organisers or judges.
  20. During competition hours, competitors are not allowed to discuss the drawings or competition tasks with anyone other than the judges.
  21. Any specific Covid-related guidance or instructions will be sent to competitors with their qualifying heat information.

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