Why Take Part?

Whether you’re an apprentice, college or employer, SkillELECTRIC delivers great benefits.

Taking part in SkillELECTRIC equips apprentices in industry with the world-class skills needed to help organisations maintain their competitive edge.

For colleges and independent training providers, participating in SkillELECTRIC provides a proven method to achieve real results for young people of all abilities.

Skills competitions at all levels also contribute towards an apprentice’s 20% off the job training requirement.


Going head to head with your peers, participating in WorldSkills UK Competitions is proven to help you go further, faster in your career.

Training Providers

Equip students with the world-class skills needed to transform their careers, providing you with a proven method to achieve real results.


Work with SkillELECTRIC to give something back to industry and help nurture the new-breed of industry talent.


Entering your apprentices into SkillELECTRIC will help you to boost productivity, efficiency and performance in your company.